This blog focuses on the fine homes and neighborhoods in Lexington and the surrounding towns. We will discuss the history (see the buttons on top), our current listings, and recent sales of these desirable homes and in these neighborhoods. If you are considering selling and/or upgrading, why would you list or buy with anyone other than a broker with the finest marketing plan and experience when it comes time to sell or upgrade? Bill Janovitz and John Tse are Lexington-based brokers who specialize in marketing special homes. Your home deserves more than the mediocre-at-best listing typical treatment from a national “one size fits all” chain. And it certainly deserves more than a kitchen-table “mom and pop” old-school office missing the proper tools and online presence that is essential for real estate in 2012. Too many real estate agents take their own shadowy photographs; don’t know how to stage properties; and do not know how to write a compelling narrative and accurate architectural description to appeal to savvy buyers.
Bill and John have each been brokers in Lexington for over a decade and living in town since the early 1990s. We have consistently been top producers in town. And we have chosen to partner with the excellent Boston-based brokerage of Hammond Residential Real Estate, which has the best-quality marketing materials. See and We bring experience and innovation as the most effective Lexington agents currently exploiting the most updated web-based marketing efforts. Read more about us at the About button at the top.