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Due on MLS 1/31/2013.

Showings to begin 2/1/2013

Public open houses Saturday 1:30-3:00 and Sunday 1-3. Contact us to arrange a private showing.

The owners of this house custom built it in 1973 using utmost care, high-quality engineering, and state-of-the-art materials and techniques at the time. But before we even get into all that behind the scenes stuff, how about this space, this flow, and this comfort! To call this house a ranch is a bit misleading. It has a very traditional layout and a full walk-out lower level with an abundance of natural light on both floors. Not only is each room generously sized, but so are all the transitional spaces. Upon a first visit, one will immediately notice and feel the extra width in the hallway, the roominess of the living room with an oversized bow window, the extra-wide transition into the formal dining room, and again, the flowing opening into the very large eat-in kitchen with an island, room for a large expandable table and chairs, and space left over. There are granite counters. The kitchen flows into the family room, with its show-stopping custom-designed-and-built marble stone fireplace. The owner comes from a family in the building trade and this fireplace was lovingly crafted by his father, each stone custom-sized. To this day, the hearth and chimney has remarkably efficient draw and heating properties. The kitchen has a Dutch door out to the deck and the family room has glass sliders to the deck as well. The property is meticulously landscaped with a large driveway, new granite and brick staircase leading to the front entrance, and two tiered patios out back.

Speaking of heating and state-of-the-art systems, Zell-Aire engineered radiant heating panels provide the heat in the house, each room with its own controls. Now, understand that this is not the same as electric baseboard heat. Let’s cut to the chase, the cost, right? Well this house is occupied almost all day, each day of the year. The entire N-Star electric costs for the year 2012, for heating plus all other electricity, amounts to $3,967. At about $4/gallon, just try to heat a house with oil for that much! An article in Popular Science around the time of this construction noted, “Manufacturers of radiant-heat units claim 20%-40% lower kilowatt-hour usage than more familiar types of resistance heaters.” The infrared technology uses glass panels.

The master bedroom suite includes an en-suite bath and a dressing room with a vanity and sink. Of course, there is ample closet space. There are two more large bedrooms and a full bath on the main floor.

On the first level, an oversized two-car garage leads to a mudroom with a full-sized laundry room just off of it. There is a full bath also conveniently located off of the mudroom. A private office is just to the right. There is a large L-shaped family room — really two rooms together — with one area that could easily hold a pool table, ping-pong table, home gym, or just a bunch of kids’ toys, and a second family room with a fireplace and glass sliders out to tiered patios and landscaped backyard. A central vacuum system also compliments both living levels.

5 Turning Mill Road is very close to Estabrook Elementary School, which is currently building an entirely new facility on the same site, due to be completed to start the fall 2014 school year. Diamond Middle School is also nearby. Residents have their choice to go towards Lexington or Bedford for their nearest shopping. The latter includes a Whole Foods, Super Stop & Shop, an Ace hardware, Staples, Marshalls, and so on. Burlington Mall is a few minutes away. The Lexpress bus passes through the Turning Mill neighborhood and takes residents to Lexington Center, Burlington Mall, and other places. There is also a neighborhood pool just around the corner, the Paint Rock Pool. 5 Turning Mill does not have a bonded membership, though. However, the new owners could join the pool without waiting on the waiting list.
Details from the seller:
  • Year Built: 1973
  • Upper Finished Level: 2,152 Sq Ft (7 rooms)
  • Lower Finished Level: 1,500 Sq Ft (1 room)
  • Bedrooms: 3 (Hardwood Floors)
  • Full Bath: 3 (All tiled Floors)
  • Half Bath: 0
  • Style: Ranch
  • Lot Size: 0.58 Acres
  • Lot Description: Fence, Paved Driveway, Very well Landscaped, Separate tool shed
  • Garage: 2
  • Fireplace: 2 (Marble upstairs family room Red Brick downstairs Recreation room)
  • Fully insulated finished basement with large laundry room, study or office
  • Lots of storage areas throughout the entire home
  • External Tool and tractor shed 10′ x 12′ with electrical outlets and lighting.

Recent Upgrades:

  • New Granite Kitchen counter top
  • New Electric Inlay Stove
  • New under counter SS Sink with new faucet
  • New faucets in Power room and main bath.
  • New Maple hardwood floors in Kitchen, family room, foyer, and hallway to bedrooms.
  • New Roof with new Chimney
  • Newly applied Driveway sealer
  • Redesigned new front granite steps, granite front entry and railings
  • All new “solid” interior doors throughout the entire house.
  • Central Vacuum System by Nutone
  • Entire interior and exterior of house has new recent coats of paint
  • Hot water tank (80gallon), installed 2004 Made by Sepco
  • New rear house deck and paver patio’s with extended walk
Fuel Source: Electric: 
Radiant Heat by Zell-Aire with standalone thermostats in every room (For replacement units – Radiant Heat USA, LLC
Manufactured and any local contractor can work directly with them. Note: Radiant Heat is Green and very clean.
Note: in 40 years have only replaced one panel in basement as system has been flawless. Whenever needed, replacement panels are easy to get and replace.Added Comments:
I have plenty of information on the heating system and bills to offer our buyer guests for comparison. I also have the Certificate done by Boston Edison/NStar Energy Fitness Plus Program done on our home in 1997 and various energy savings Comfort Crafted Thermostats installed throughout the entire house. Also the Therma-Dome installed in the attic staircase ceiling entrance. Attic also has a floor area covering 1/4 of the area with 14 inches of insulation throughout the entire attic floor.

The entire basement and garage walls and floor are sealed with the Thoro System with Thoroseal waterproofing and protection. 5/8 plywood flooring is also the underlayment for the basement industrial carpet with pad. We have never had any water or condensation problems because of this sealer and 60 tons of crushed stone to maintain a dry basement under the basement concrete floor and full drainage under and outside the entire house.

  • First floor has R19 fiberglass insulation with vapor barrier on all outside walls and garage ceiling.
  • Attic has R28 fiberglass insulation with paper barrier
  • Car garage doors and garage side door and door entering the basement are all steel insulated doors.
  • Garage floor gets treated with a Thorseal heavy duty floor sealer every two years.
  • The entire house is well constructed with 2×10 floor joists 12″ on center and not the typical 15″ on center for a stronger floor. The construction floor is 5/8 boards, with paper barrier and 5/8 plywood on top. Hardwood floors and carpet add to the finish above the plywood.
The Marble Fireplace is a one of a kind made of uncut “rubble” Marble Stone from the marble quarry. Both the upper and lower fireboxes are also unique in the construction of the firebox’s itself and both have 15″ flue’s to the chimney for better draw.
The entire first floor is blueboard construction with one coat plaster. All ceilings are scrolled plaster as well as the entire garage ceiling and walls with a stucco effect.As noted in our discussion I also have documentation on the following:

  • Nutone Central Vacuum System
  • Sepco Hot Water Heater
  • Quaker Maid Kitchen Cabinets
  • Rutt-Williams Gourmet Blower over kitchen range
  • House construction plans – designed by myself.
  • Cable for both Verizon FIOS and Comcast available with wiring in place for both.
Grade School: Estabrook (1/4 mile dead end road to elementary school)
Middle School: Diamond(1 mile)
More details on radiant heat, taken from the web site

Theory And Advantages Of Infrared Heating

Theory of Infrared Heating

Infrared heating is long wave electromagnetic energy which is
generated in a hot source (flat metal panel, quartz lamp, quartz tube)
by vibration and rotation of molecules. The resulting energy is
controlled and directed specifically to and on people or objects. This
energy is not absorbed by air, and does not create heat until it is
absorbed by an opaque object.

The sun is the basic energy source. Energy is projected 93,000,000
miles through space to heat the earth by the infrared process. This
infrared energy travels at the speed of light, and converts to heat
upon contact with a person, a building, the floor, the ground or any
other opaque object. There is, however, no ultraviolet component (sun
tanning rays) in Electric infrared.

Electric infrared energy travels in straight lines from the heat
source. This energy is directed into specific patterns by optically
designed reflectors.  Infrared, like light, travels outward from the
heat source, and diffuses as a function of the square of the distance.
Intensity, therefore, would decrease in a proportional manner. So, at
20’ from the heat source, intensity of the energy concentration is ¼
the intensity developed at 10’ distance.

For comfort heating, there must be reasonably even accumulated values
of heat throughout the comfort zone.  Proper mounting heights of the
individual heaters, fixture spacing, reflector beam patterns, and heat
source wattage must be specified to generate the proper heating levels
at the task area. The amount of heat delivered is also adjusted by
input controllers or by thermostats which respond to surrounding
temperature levels and provide ON-OFF or PROPORTIONAL inputs.

Advantages of Infrared Heating

Infrared travels through space and is absorbed by people and objects
in its path. Infrared is not absorbed by the air. With convection
heating the air itself is warmed and circulated … however, warm air
always rises to the highest point of a building. With Infrared
heating, the warmth is directed and concentrated at the floor and
people level where it is really needed.

Infrared heating is not dependent upon air movement like convection
heat.  Infrared energy is absorbed solely at the area it is directed.
Therefore it is possible to divide any area into separate smaller
zones and maintain a different comfort level in each zone. For
example, Zone A, with a high concentration of people, could be
maintained at a 70 degree comfort level while at the same time Zone B.
a storage area, could be kept at 55 degrees or even turned off

Another unique control feature of electric infrared that increases
comfort conditions and saves energy consumption is staging. Where most
systems are either “fully ON” or “fully OFF” the staging feature also
allows only a portion of the equipment’s total capacity to be used.
For example, a two-stage control would work as follows: During the
first stage, one heat source in every fixture would be energized.
During the second stage, two heat sources in every fixture would be
energized. For further control sophistication, a large area can be
both zoned and staged. These systems, then, allow a more consistent
and uniform means of maintaining a specific comfort level and avoid
the “peak & valley” syndrome.

The previous statements are advantages in themselves; but combined
they account for an energy/fuel savings of up to 50 percent. Actual
savings will vary from building to building depending on factors such
as insulation, ceiling height and type of construction.

Electric infrared produces virtually instant heat. There is no need to
wait for heat buildup. Turn the heaters on just prior to heating

Electric infrared is strictly a resistance type heat. There are no
moving parts or motors to wear out; no air filters or lubrication
required. Periodic cleaning of the reflectors and heat source
replacement is all that will be required.

Electric infrared, like other forms of electric heating, is the
cleanest method of heating. There are no by-products of combustion as
with fossil fuel burning units. Electric infrared adds nothing to the
air nor takes anything from it.

• UL listed
• No open flame
• No moving parts to malfunction
• No fuel lines to leak
• No toxic by-products of combustion