Bill Janovitz and John Tse

Bill Janovitz and John Tse work as seller and buyer agents. We are the number one real estate team in Lexington and work in all surrounding towns, averaging well over $20 million in sales annually. We formed a partnership after years of working as indivdual colleagues in the local real estate market. What drew us together was a mutual respect for each other’s work ethic, business sense, negotiating skills, technological know-how, and tasteful and effective marketing approach. The two of us have been successful brokers individually but the whole of the partnership is even greater than the sum of its parts. Why settle for one broker – even one with an assistant — when you can have two professional and highly successful and proven brokers working for you for the same price?

Whether we are working as seller or buyer agents, we come to the table with up-to-date data and expert negotiation skills.

Please contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation.

Marketing and Seller Services:

We are proud of our unmatched marketing plans, tailored for each property’s unique traits, and each client’s needs and wants. And we would be glad to discuss our marketing strategy with you and offer an expert opinion of value for your fine home, investment property, or real estate project. We come armed with precise data, over a decade each of experience, and an excellent track record of results that we would be glad to discuss in depth. We are deeply experienced with and well-suited to market all architectural styles and eras of houses and condominiums, including:

  • Modest “starter” homes.
  • Architecturally significant houses
  • Antique properties (we were featured as buyer and listing agent on the 25th anniversary project of the PBS show, This Old House)
  • Income property
  • Development and new construction projects
  • Innovative new construction techniques
  • Raw land

Buyer Services

Almost every house featured on this page is a personal listing of the Janovitz/Tse team. But we work as buyer agents on all listings, so if you’re interested in buying a home, contact us. The team approach works just as well as buyer agents as it does as seller agents. You may choose to work with one of us and have the other partner as a back-up agent in helping you search for homes or investment property. We are proud to offer our guidance to buying property in Massachusetts. We have trusted professional contacts in the mortgage field to help qualify you for the loan best suited for your situation.

Think twice before you choose a web-based “buyer agent” who might offer a rebate but does not offer much in the way of services. Ask us what financial and benefits and other exclusive services you gain from working with us.



After more than 25 long, hard, years as a home inspector, I’d estimate that I’ve worked with tens of thousands of real estate agents. I might even know a couple hundred agents or so well enough to offer a general opinion about their work. 

Given that, there are just a very small handful of agents I would ever endorse or recommend. However, if someone I cared about were looking for a home in the Lexington area, I’d tell them Bill Janovitz and John Tse is the very first phone call they should make. I’ve watched them save their clients thousands of dollars in nearly every transaction we’ve both been party to. 

Anyone can sell a house, but Bill and John’s experience earns his client’s real dollars that are spendable elsewhere. The truth is that in greater Lexington, you can either work with Bill and John or compete against someone who did. 

I’m not inspecting homes anymore, but if someone I cared about were interested in a Lexington-area property, I’d tell them to call Bill and John first. Period.  — Jim M. 2013


I wanted to write to say thank you once again. As 2012 ends, I am so glad all my moving is over, and I thank you for being so helpful in this whole process. While I plan not to need your services again soon, I will certainly continue to recommend you. — Julie D. 2013

The Process of Buying/Closing

Steps to buying a house in Massachusetts:

1. Written Offer to Purchase—this states your offer price, your proposed closing date, the date you will sign the longer form Purchase and Sale contract, and inspection and financing contingencies. I will attach a sample blank offer and addendum. Mortgage pre-approval letter must accompany offer. $1000.00 binder check is submitted as well.

2. After acceptance of offer/agreement of terms, the binder check is deposited in an escrow account. An inspection is performed within a week, generally. Purchase and Sale (“P&S”) is usually set for a few days after the last date of the inspection contingency. Issues arising from inspection, if any, are often addressed in the p&s, either via a price adjustment or in a rider describing repairs to be made. Attorneys are usually hired for the p&s. For the buyer, the attorney is often the same attorney who will represent the lender at the closing. They might offer a break on the fee for the p&s.

3. Buyers sign P&S and broker brings it to sellers to sign. Buyer puts down at least 5% deposit, less the $1000.00 already deposited in escrow. All funds held in escrow.

4. Bank sends independent appraiser to appraise property.

5. Lender provides a commitment letter to the buyer for the loan.

6. Closing. Insurance binder must be in place for the house by closing.

Closing and Moving Checklist

  • Book a moving company
  • Contact insurance company and arrange for new property
  • Notify old and new post offices
  • Notify medical providers, banks, credit card companies, employers, friends, etc. of new address
  • Register to vote at new address
  • Confirm elevator, loading dock, parking space reservations at new building if applicable
  • Confirm closing time and place with attorney
  • Notify utilities:
    • Telephone
    • Alarm
    • Cable
    • Electric
    • Gas
    • Oil
    • Internet provider
    • Water company
  • Arrange for time off from work and child care for closing and moving dates
  • Arrange for a final walk-through the morning of or day before closing
  • Confirm that insurance binder has been prepared and sent to closing attorney
  • Confirm moving date/time with moving company
  • Isolate valuables, credit cards, keys, cash. etc.
  • Confirm phones working in both locations
  • Drain gas and oil from power equipment


  • Bring certified check as per lender’s requirements
  • Bring personal checks for adjustments and/or miscellaneous items
  • Bring picture IDs

Town Information

For the towns in which we do most of our business.

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